Side A
1. Seewarnnachrichten
2. Seewetterbericht
3. Seewetterbericht
4. Seewetterbericht
5. Seewarnnachrichten

Side B
1. Seewetterbericht
2. Seewarnnachrichten
3. Seewetterbericht
4. Seewarnnachrichten
5. Seewarnnachrichten

Marine weather reports recorded from radio broadcasts by Sven-Åke Johansson in 1970 at the Kollektiv für Kommunikative und Ästhetische Forschung in Mariental, Lower Saxony, Germany. Edition of 300 with printed inner sleeve containing liner notes by Thomas Millroth about forms of artistic appropriation in Johansson's work.

"During my communal life at the former Mariental monastery in Lower Saxony, in the late hours behind thick monastic walls – there was no village pub – I played with my radio in my chamber. Often we would sit together and listen to the late-night marine weather forecasts (Seewetterbericht), broadcasted alternately via shortwave and FM. Particularly we liked the navigational warnings (Seewarnnachrichten). In the announcers' way of speaking – very slowly –, we found a new type of poetry; realism. I recorded many hours with my Uher Report tape recorder and a Sennheiser microphone placed in front of the loudspeaker. A small selection is presented on this LP." (Sven-Åke Johansson)

"In the unknown and confusing names of this boundless poetry, it's impossible to see your own reflection; your face is not visible here. You have to disrupt your patterns. Find yourself in this psycho-geographic map of storms and winds. Sven-Åke Johansson does not use appropriation as cultural recycling, he creates culture by simply giving the objects new paradigms." (Thomas Millroth)

LP / Edition Telemark No. 903.08 / 2020