puls-plus-puls - edition moers

Sven-Åke Johansson - drums
Jan Jelinek - electronics

Recorded live at moers festival,
May 31st 2020

... Which brings us to raw nerves and forced separation and new immaterial venuesand the urge to connect no matter the circumstances – in short, to 2020, to anextraordinary festival edition that birthed this special deep-space/time pulse transmission from Jan Jelinek and Sven-Åke Johansson, and to the re-launching of a „moers“ in-house record label, the inaugural release of which you now hold in your hands (or gaze upon in an open tab)...

It‘s the last night of May, Pentecost Sunday, the setting is an empty festival hall,empty but for crew and performers. We all know the story: Corona, Covid, the much-debated virus that will shape and stalk (but not silence) us like so manybefore. Isfort and team have decided that the show must go on, for maroonedartists and the homebound audience. No super-spreader affair in retrospect, agamble that pays off. Scattered, we gather! – as the live stream proclaims. And gather they do, en masse, online, in those difficult, anxious early months of indefinite lockdown. ...

Two gentlemen are seated on stage. Dapper enough, flanked by green-screenantics, the one at his four-piece golden tiger-swirl kit with the well-worn Ambassadors and cymbals to die for, the other behind a modest modular array and trusty sequencer. Two generations, two lineages, with a common base of operations and a shared sensibility. The elder prone to pursue obscure but enlightening gestures, imbued with the anarchic spirit of jazz no matter how seemingly far he roams. The other, a distiller, adept at recontextualising the microtextures of jazz and other music cultures, when he‘s not moonlighting as a sly medium/intermediary. ...

liner notes by Jim Campbell

Released as LP and CD / 2021