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Musikalische Attraktion

by Shelley Hirsch and Sven-Åke Johansson

In the coldest night of 1984 (February 17th), the spaces of the former Hetalwerken became part of the "musical attraction" of S-Å Johansson and Shelley Hirsch, an adventure of acoustic perception, coupled with optical-theatrical parallels. Keeping the place warm through "walks" throughout the entire complex, connected with speaking, playing, singing in all of the different contours – which were separated by bags and sometimes furnished with glass windows – brought a multiplicity of acoustic and simultaneously optical perceptions. Situations emerged that were perceivable by the hearers alone – those standing in the middle of the space – but not by the performers. A thoroughly insiring point of departure for further work under similar circumstances. S-Å Johansson, Sept, '84