Photo:© IT

SF, SF, SF, SF, (Svenska Fläkt)

Piece for a ventilation propeller and spotlight / first performance: Berlin, 2001



Light: Alessandro Bosetti 







The Swedish ventilation propeller factory (Svenska Fläktfabriken)

started early playing its part to make clean air in the land of my birth, Sweden; the blowing in and blowing out of air in all variations. There most likely isn't a house in Sweden – or meanwhile in all of Western Europe – that doesn't have some kind of propeller ventilation system in perpetual operation.


In SF SF SF SF I'm making reference to this. I place the propeller and its blowing out of bad air –

in various rotation phases – at the center of focus.

At the end, "the shutting off" so as to hear without this "filter", the environmental purifier.

The propeller not as air purifier, but rather – ultimately – as sound purifier !!!