SÅJ with the grenaphone. Photo: © IT

Neue Kochstrasse


For grenaphone, timpani, and loudhailer






First performance: Technisches Museum, Berlin, 2006

Composition commission for the exhibition Berlin über und unter der Erde:

Alfred Grenander, die U-Bahn und die Kultur der Metropole

Catalogue edited by Aris Fioretos (Nicolai Verlag, Berlin)


Sketch for the arrangement of tiles for the grenaphone

The composition is to be understood as a late commentary

on the resonating qualities of the building materials of Alfred Grenader's U-Bahn stations:

not a "Bahn"; instead, sounds in themselves.

Out of the partly still available original (glazed) tiles, a xylophone-like

instrument is constructed that fits into my remaining percussive instrumentarium.

Furthermore, sheets of metal, ornamental elements, and supports are incorporated into the spectrum of potential sounds and noises.  ----- It will be a kind of "retrieval" of the exclamations that have been absorbed by the tiles in the U-Bahn stations over decades.

---- The "grenaphone" is born.


SÅJ, 2006


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