Johansson, Götz



for large orchestra, First performance: Zodiak, Berlin, 1968


3 contrabasses: Werner Götz, Werner Scheel, Florian

Trumpet/flugelhorn: Conny Muth

Violin: Madelaine Pütz

Flute: Inga Weber

Drums: Sven-Åke Johansson

Drums/wood pieces: Reinhard Büggemann

Electric guitar: Norbert Eisbrenner

Electronic sound generation: Hausmann

Saxophone/flute: Peter Barth

1 record player (alternating)

Cirkelmusik utilized, among other things, a wandering sound (hence the name) that the musicians, positioned in a circle throughout the space, played quickly one after the other and that could also be alternated as far as the direction of the circular movement was concerned. A record player served as a newly discovered source of sound for an orchestra, and it was operated alternately by different musicians.




Interior of Zodiak, 1968, on the left, Götz