La Vase / Slikke

Christine Sehnaoui, Saxophon
Sven-Åke Johansson, Percussion, Crackle Box


Side A  1. La Vase I / 2. La Vase II / 3. La Vase III / 4. Slikke III
Side B  5. Slikke I/ 6. Slikke II / 7. C-Box
            total time 46.12"

"La vase" has a very bad reputation because it reminds people of rot,

somtime it smells bad, sometimes people are just afraid because it`s very deep.

But if we really look at it, its beautiful, it is bright in the sun,

has silver colours, and her smell is full of life.

La vase has her own life and her own breath, it is not just mud,

it`s a being; it`s plastic and big, terrible but kind because we can walk

on her back. And if you seat on her, you can hear her world, a joyfull calm,

a seething serenity, the symphony of the silence.


Recorded 24.4.2009 by Andrew Levine at SÅJ Studio Berlin

Mix A.L and SÅJ, Cover IT